Mean Green

So, Saturday morning I was all:  Clean eating and juicing and healthy living!  I bought a juicer on Friday and a garden's worth of vegetables.  I also purchased some organic staples like milk and buter and almonds, ya know, the clean stuff.  On Saturday morning, I turned on Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and let the inspiration wash over me, celebrating my decision to take the juice plunge. 

This is what I started with:

It took a few kale leaves to figure out how my juicer worked, but once I cleaned up the liquid green mess, and learned the difference between the spout and the pulp basket, I was feelin' like a rock star.  Friend and Charles came in to watch...and maybe to laugh a little. 

The end result:

That's right, a nice tall glass of Mean Green

I don't think I could have been more proud of myself.  The first sip...not bad. 

And then it hit my tongue. 

Sorry juice lovers, but all the lies you're telling about Mean Green not tasting like lawn clippings are criminal. 

Seriously, it tastes like the stuff you drink before a colonoscopy. 

Not my fondest memories.

And now I'm not so sure about all this clean-eating, fruits and vegetables, natural health remedies stuff.  I had to think about it over a delicious cookie dough concrete mixer at Culvers. 

The jury's still out. 

What I do know is that I'm unsatisfied with my current weight and that eating unhealthy food doesn't seem to alleviate my disatitisfaction.  Though I have been losing weight lately, I want something more than just a smaller dress size.  I want better health.

I think that means scaling back instead of overhauling.  Let's face it, throwing out everything in my cupboards is not really an option.  And never having another Starbucks Frappucino, uh...yeah right! 

So, my new goal is to cut out fried foods, soda pop, and *gasp* sweet tea....

......Okay maybe not entirely.

See how hard this is.

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  1. Ash, Mary here. You know the one. ;-) I'm fixing to morph into linkville, and send you a mega email. ;-) This post saddens me, b/c it doesn't have to be this miserable. It can actually be enjoyable. For example, I juiced straight up carrots this morning. All that sugar may not be ideal, but it's at least yummy. Or at least I think so. The "green lemonade," juice recipe is also yummy. At least I think so. I did that one for a while one year. Anyway, emailing you soon. : )