Boots and Beliefs

I love boots.  In this kind of weather, they're perfect with almost any outfit.  Going to the office, church, a party, the grocery store...yep there's no wrong place to wear a great pair of boots.

Recently, I had a friend ask me how I did the whole "skirts thing" in the winter.  Of course, it was a guy who asked.  Girls are well-acquainted with all the fun and fashionable tights, boot socks, leggings, long moleskin skirts, long johns, flannel skirts, corduroy skirts, denim skirts, and of course tall boots that keep a girl cozy warm and fashion forward.  

My blogging hero Kristina, of KristinaJ, wrote a fantastic post about "standing on a platform of modesty while still trying to look attractive and approachable."  (You can read it here.)    It's something I've struggled with, I'll be honest.  In the past, my tendency has been to throw on whatever's easiest and not worry about how other people perceived me.  But the truth is, I was lying to myself.  I did worry about how other people perceived me.  I hated feeling unkempt and uncaring.  And it painted a picture of my beliefs as disheveled at best, and particularly unremarkable.  Part of my pursuit of biblical womanhood was determining that if I was going to stand out because of the way I dressed, it shouldn't be because I looked like I got dressed in the dark.  If people were going to ask me about my wardrobe decisions and the whole "skirts thing", I wanted to be able to answer the questions with confidence, not embarrassment.

Of course i haven't mastered being a fashionista, or even being able to make outfits out of neutral colors, but I am more intentional than I've ever been.  And with a great pair of boots, I really can't go wrong.


  1. You are totally right! I am going to read Kristina's post right now. I love her blog and style! I like my boots too. You know, I wish someone would invent a fleece lined skirt for cold weather.


  2. ....You skirt girls......:P -mary a