Mirror Mirror

It's a constant struggle.  A daily dilemma. My desire to be a modest and feminine woman of God, cultivating an inner beauty of sound character VS. a culture that tells me my highest aspiration as a woman should be to look sexy at all times.  It's obvious on paper, isn't it?  But we are not a society of words, thoughts, and ideas; we are a society of pictures, commercials, and soundbites.  In 30 seconds, a girl can't get across the depths of her thoughts or the depth of her soul...but she can flash a little leg.  And after all, what's going to get the most attention?  

So, if getting the most attention is the main focus of an entire culture that politics via punchlines and educates via headlines, how do we, pursuing biblical womanhood, shun the status-quo and fix our eyes on higher and nobler ideas?

The answer:  Truth.  We are surrounded by lies every way we turn.  We can't avoid them!  They come in through our computers, our tvs, the radio, magazines, books, conversations, social media, memories from our past, glances from people we encounter.  We can't get away from all- the- lies!  We're being fed a steady stream of the world's opinion on how we should look and how we should behave and the only way to combat it is to take time for truth every day.  If we are to be women of God, then we must be women of the Word.  Only by feeding on truth, the daily Bread that has been provided for us, do we stand any chance against the enemy we are facing every second of every day.  Remember ladies, we have to stop trying so hard to fit in when we're so beautifully designed to stand out.  Light doesn't blend into the darkness!  It makes a statement in a sea of contradicting thoughts, even if its incomprehensible to those around us.  If we are truly living our lives as a reflection of Christ, it shouldn't matter what reflection we see in the mirror.

It's not easy.  But be encouraged that you are not alone.  Keep cultivating a submissive heart and godly character because that's what's truly beautiful to God.

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  1. I love that we are designed to stand out! After all, we are daughters of the king, and princesses tend to stand out!