Finding My Voice

Dear Mary,

Whenever I try to sit down and write a post for this blog, I feel like I don't know who I am, what I think, or how to express myself.  But that's not really true.  The truth is, I don't know who my audience is, what they might think of me, or how to express my message in a way they can appreciate.  So I started thinking about the Dear Sister Diaries and how much I loved that blog.  No, this is not an attempt to get you to write again, just an attempt to capture that which was beautiful about your blog and apply it to my own.  Of course, the most beautiful thing about your blog was you, my dear friend.  But, all I have to share is me.  And life is not so terribly exciting, but it's all mine and that's something.

So, the solution:  "Dear Mary"

Not so original and charming as "Dear Sister," but it suites my purposes.  You are my audience.  Mostly because you have loved my writing for years and have made me feel a writer when all I had was sappy love stories I couldn't finish and flowery language that didn't always make a point but sure looked beautiful on paper.  And because you're a lover of ideas, thoughts, and dreams.  And because you've had the courage to be honest and raw in the face of that which scared you most.  

Today I was driving down a road I've been down a thousand times, but my mind was wandering to places I'll never go, things I'll never do, experiences I'll never have, people I'll never meet.  And it doesn't scare me.  But maybe it should.  I've never been a thrill-seeker, just a seeker of truth, and something tangible that I don't have to feel ashamed of when I'm trying to defend it with straw-man arguments and cliche stereotypes.   Maybe that's enough for a homebody like me.  Maybe all that is around me is enough and never knowing what I'm missing is a blessing.  Maybe.  And yet, my mind wanders on days like today.  Seek and ye shall find, right?

My dog snuggling my foot...cause it's cold in Indiana!

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