I don't love working out.  In fact, I like to find excuses to avoid it most days.  It disrupts my schedule and messes up my hair and make-up.  And when its over, I usually need a shower so I don't smell like nasty sweat.  And yet, I know it's a valuable discipline.  Once I've done it, I feel better.  I like knowing that I'm getting stronger.  I like seeing the results in the way my clothes look.  I like knowing that I've made a healthy choice.

SiL (Sister-in-Law) and I have been doing a workout program for about a month now.  Though I'd like to see faster results (you know, like the ones in the infomercials), I have to rejoice in the little victories.  I can kick higher.  I can do more push-ups.  I haven't dropped 10 sizes in 60 days, but I've made some progress.  It's not easy, but I'm not doing it for the easy.

Last weekend I was challenged to start a "spiritual work-out" for 90 days.  I knew this challenge was for me b/c lately, I'll admit it, my spiritual muscles are weak.  I've neglected Bible reading, put off prayer, and filled my mind and heart with worthless junk.  And my soul has definitely gotten flabby.

So, one week into this challenge, and wouldn't ya know, I'm not seeing the results as fast as I want.  Not because things aren't happening, they're just not happening right this second.  I want to be a prayer warrior, or a Bible-buff.  I want to be spiritually fit now.  But, just like my physical workout, it's not an overnight success.  Getting up early is a discipline I've neglected for too long.  And quieting my heart before God doesn't come as naturally as you'd think.  In order to be spiritually healthy, I have to invest the time it takes to make real changes.  It's not easy...but I'm not doing it for the easy.

Anyone else out there trying to live a more disciplined life?  What have been your most difficult days?  What have been your victories along the way?

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